All The Information You Need To Know About Ceramic Braces

Have you been struggling with bad teeth for a long time? Well, braces are the best option to pick when choosing to straighten your misaligned teeth. The cost of ceramic braces are very cheap. They are a known method to put crooked teeth back in their place and give you that beautiful smile you have been longing to expose.

Any bad teeth situation can be corrected using the ceramic braces. These type of braces are the best option because they are made up of composite materials unlike the metal braces, which are non composite therefore tend to rust and become unsightly when one smiles.I got my teeth smashed by a golf ball once that’s why I wear braces.


There are two types of ceramics

The ties and the wires, that make the braces inconspicuous. The ties are either made of white metal or clear elastic and are stronger although ultimately they discolor. This however can be remedied as the ties can be replaced monthly when you visit the orthodontist. The staining can be reduced by keeping away from a lot of curry, cigarette smoking and excessive coffee consumption.

For adults who have been looking to correct their buck teeth, the ceramic braces are a good fit as they are made of ceramic alloys thus do not shout to the public every time one smiles that they are undergoing correction. As compared to the metal braces, ceramics are the more recommendable type for upper and lower fittings.

However, having the ceramic braces on the upper teeth is the better option. The orthodontists will argue that the glue for the ceramic braces is hardy therefore if your upper teeth are hitting on the lower brackets, they would end up chipping off your teeth like the act of grinding your teeth.

The orthodontist would also confirm to you that the ceramics are actually larger than the metal braces thus there is a possibility of them wearing off the back of your top teeth. The properties that build up the ceramic braces are known to be rougher than the metal brackets. They have a lesser flex ability and are harder thus will have a higher chance of making the teeth and brackets jagged.

Even so, this is a problem that can be solved by putting in place some build-ups so that the upper and lower teeth do not hit. The ceramic braces come in many forms of transparency ranging from slightly transparent to completely translucent, such that they can blend in comfortably with the natural color of your teeth and can thus become invisible.


The adult population has been noted to have a preference for the ceramic braces because of the fact that they are able to easily blend in with the natural color of the teeth and cosmetically, they are less apparent than metallic braces. These braces do not stain and thus you are not at any risk of experiencing tooth decay or the shortening of the roots of your teeth. There are three commonly preferred ceramic braces brands i.e. Transcend and clarity ceramic braces made by 3M unitek and the Mystic ceramic braces made by GAC. Ideally, ceramic are the better option and are needed to correct bad crooked teeth.